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How a Chiropractor Can Help Treat Pinched Nerves

Do you have pain that radiates down into an arm or leg? Would you describe this pain as tingling, burning, searing, shooting, or stabbing? Does a part of your arm, leg, hand, or foot feel particularly weak or numb? You may be struggling with signs and symptoms associated with pinched nerves. At the Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, our Kitchener and Owen Sound chiropractor, Dr. Moona Rahemtulla, is happy to help.

woman getting back treated by chiropractor

5 Ways Our Kitchener Chiropractor Can Relieve Pain

Pinched nerves (which can happen as a result of poor posture, work- or sports-related accidents, bone spurs, tumors, degenerative disc disease, and so on) respond well to chiropractic treatment, which may include:

1. Spinal decompression

A chiropractor often uses spinal decompression therapy as a way to relieve pressure on pinched nerves from injured or misaligned discs, vertebral bones, bony spurs, or any other structure impinging on a spinal nerve. By gently putting traction force on the spine (as if pulling from either end), a negative pressure is created within the system. This helps discs and other structures return to their normal alignment, thus creating more space for nerves to exit the spinal cord. It also attracts healing immune mediators to the damaged area. 

2. Laser therapy

This innovative and non-invasive modality uses light to trigger cellular healing and repair! In a painless and simple procedure, our Kitchener-Waterloo chiropractor directs a beam of light at your affected area, creating a host of beneficial effects including reduce inflammation, increased tissue healing, and reduced pain. 

3. Postural analysis and re-training

Learning how to move in a safer, more energy efficient way prevents undue pressure on your spinal nerves. Our kinesiologists and chiropractor can expertly evaluate your body mechanics, identifying hidden postural imbalances and motor planning problems and then correcting these issues through exercises and body awareness training.

4. Wellness testing and supplementation

Controlling inflammation is a huge part of healing from pinched nerves and other injuries. Our nutritionists can work with you to devise an appropriate nutritional and supplementation plan rich in a variety of tissue healthy antioxidants, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

5. Physiotherapy

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, our team also includes experienced physiotherapists and personal trainers who can reduce your symptoms through a variety of rehabilitative treatments, including corrective exercises to help strengthen and stabilize areas of the spine so recurring issues are minimized and avoided. Exercises from a physiotherapist can also be custom prescribed based on certain movements (e.g., spinal flexion or spinal extension) that help centralize symptoms (cause symptoms to move from the extremities up toward the spine) or decrease them altogether.

Are You Suffering From Pinched Nerves

Contact  Advanced Pain Relief Clinic today, serving the people of Kitchener-Waterloo, Owen Sound, and surrounding Ontario communities. When you call our office at 519-376-9355, be sure to inquire about your FREE initial consultation. 

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