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Herniated Discs Treatment at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic

Physical pain in your back may relate to a variety of situations and factors. A common cause of back pain is a herniated disc or a series of herniated discs in your spine. By understanding the signs of the problem and seeking treatment from a chiropractor, you address the discomfort and encourage your body to heal.

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What Are Herniated Discs?

Herniated discs refer to an injury or problem with the discs in your spine. The spinal discs cushion the different bones throughout your spine and allow your body to move easily. When the disc is ruptured, injured or otherwise bulges from the normal space, it may cause pain and other symptoms. It also puts excess pressure on your nerves, which causes further complications and discomfort in your back.

Although the injury usually refers to a bulging disc or a similar concern, it may relate to certain nerve conditions when it relates to the discs in your spine. A chiropractor in our clinic evaluates your symptoms and situation before recommending a strategy to address the concerns associated with your injuries.

Symptoms of the Injuries

The symptoms of the injury to your spinal disc or the changes in your spinal disc depend on the severity of the bulging, ruptured or slipped disc. Generally, you will have specific discomfort and signs of a problem.

Common symptoms of a herniated disc include:

  • Physical pain in your extremities, which may vary based on the location of the herniated disc
  • Weakness in the limbs, such as weakness in your legs or arms
  • Tingling and numbness in the extremities
  • General pain in the area of the slipped or herniated disc

In most cases, you will notice signs of a nerve condition before you notice other discomforts. Since the bulging of a spinal disc may put pressure on your nerves, it causes symptoms that seem similar to other nerve conditions. It may cause pain, weakness or tingling to radiate outward to cause discomfort in your arms or legs. The exact symptoms depend on the severity of the herniated disc.

When to Work with a Chiropractor

A chiropractor in our clinic offers treatment to help reduce the symptoms of a herniated disc and encourage your body to heal. A key process we use to help with the injury is spinal adjustments to your back. The adjustments encourage your spinal disc and your spine to align properly. As a result, your discs do not have undue pressure from your movements. We may also work on adjusting your posture for a lower risk of complications in your back. Laser therapy and massage therapy help with the muscle pain, tension, and discomfort in your back while your body heals.

Contact Us To Learn More

Treating a herniated disc starts with identifying the underlying problems. By working with a chiropractor when you notice the discomfort or the pain persists, you reduce the risk of complications. To learn more about treating herniated discs with chiropractic care or for an appointment, call (519) 376-9355 or (519) 885-3500 today.

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